Artwork Requirements

Artwork File Formats

We are Mac OS-X based company and support all the latest versions of industry standard programs. We can work with files created in:

Some jobs can be produced from Word and PowerPoint files but there might be problems with type re-flow or graphics not printing correctly. It is highly recommended that you supply a PDF proof or fax us laser prints of your file that we can use as a comparison during the production of your job.

Fonts and Graphics

Please include all fonts and linked graphics (or outline fonts and embed graphics) used in your layout. Files printing as spot colors should be created as spot colors. Files printing as Process Color should not contain RGB images. Please convert to CMYK.

Artwork File Resolution

For large format (posters and banners) the file resolution should be 100 dpi to 150 dpi. For Offset and Digital Printing (brochures, business cards, letterhead, and envelopes), the resolution should be 300 dpi.


Files that have images that prints all the way to one or more edges of the finished piece need to have at least 1/8” of extra image past the final trim size. If your Banner Stand art has a background image that requires bleed, in addition to placing a 1/8” on the sides and top, extend the image 6” at the bottom edge for attachment to the stand.

If you have any questions prior to submitting your digital files, please contact us for assistance.