FTP/File Submission

Submitting Artwork Files

It is recommended that you place all files into one folder and stuff/compress them for faster transfer times. If the total file size is under 25 MG, e-mail them to: art@wemorph.com. For artwork submissions that are 25 MG or larger, please use our FTP site to transfer your files. At the completion of your transfer, please send an e-mail to art@wemorph.com or call us at 650.485.2505 with your contact information, file name(s), and instructions for processing your job.

Client Login/FTP Site

To login from the internet:

Web Address: http://www.wemorphftp.com
Username: public
Password: (your email address)

To login from an FTP program:

FTP Host Address: www.wemorphftp.com
Username: public
Password: (your email address)

To request your own personal user name and password, fill out this FTP account request form.

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